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Guided tour

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Guided Tour


  • Ashton Keynes gardens
Shaded by the trees overhanging the Hocmard banks, the Ashton Keynes gardens are a pleasant place to stroll by, near the centre of Grandchamp-des-Fontaines.
Calm, relaxation… a head-to-head rendezvous with Mother Nature!
In this place, two trees are testimonies of the friendship linking together Grandchamp-des-Fontaines and Ashton Keynes, an English twinned village.
Every two years, the Grandchamp'Bardement festival takes place in this garden. It is the only street festival that takes place in a garden!
  • Lake of the Brossais
Located in the North-West of Grandchamp-des-Fontaines village, this relaxing place covers 10 hectares. It is accessible by foot, by the Lakes tour.
In the open Nature, laid out for leisure, it is also a pleasant place to have a walk.
It has been open for fishing since 1993, over more than 5 hectares.
  • Lake of Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines
This lake was opened in 1996. It is made up of a water containment meant to collect the excess rain during summer storms, and great hilly shadowed spaces for walkers.
The Lake of Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines offers the calm of its peaceful waters.
You will find there a fitness trail and a playground for your children.
  • Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines chapel
The Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines chapel is located near the Notre-Dame-des-Fontaiens lake. Up against the chapel, a fountain that never dries out says the popular belief, is watching time flowing by.
Circling the chapel, the lake appears on a different side: hilly and shadowed spaces welcoming the passers-by; trees and shrubs of numerous sorts.
  • Curette and its Sequoias
At Curette, tree lovers can admire two magnificent sequoias, and the roundabout recently laid out on the motif of arboriculture and orchards.
  • Memorial Stele
During the night of October 17 th, 1942, a RAF airplane, coming back from mission, was damaged by antiaircraft defence and crashed in flames on our village.
A memorial stele for the deceased airmen was erected and unveiled November 11 th, 2004, with the support of the Souvenir Français.
An explicative display board, set near the stele, at the place name Les Landes, tells about this event.