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Discovering the village

Grandchamp-des-Fontaines is a Loire-Atlantique village, in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire.

North of Nantes, in the Erdre & Gesvres local community, it had, in 2008, nearly 4400 inhabitants.
Grandchamp-des-Fontaines has the assets of a rural community near a big city with international influence. It is a village in rapid expansion, benefiting from Nantes attraction.
Dynamism and conviviality, quietness and environmental respect are underlying the quality of life in Grandchamp-des-Fontaines.



Population, Area, Demography


  • Population
Grandchamp-des-Fontaines village is inhabited by 4,197 people. (Source: 2004 complementary census report)
Inhabitants younger than 40 years represent 65% of the total population, while in France the average is around 55%. This enhances the dynamic factor of our village. (Source: 1999 census report)
  • Area
Grandchamp-des-Fontaines area covers about 3400 hectares.
  • Demography
Demographic growth
With 4197 inhabitants, the township has known a population increase of 19% since the census report of 1999. Most of this increase took place between 1999 and 2001.
Since 1968, growth has been important, especially because of young households who have settled in. This shows a will to settle in areas located near big cities, in order to benefit from their quietness.
The rural exodus that characterized the 70 first years of the 20th century seems quite far away. Dynamism and attraction from Nantes impacted on the growth of rural villages like Grandchamp-des-Fontaines.